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We, the creators of, envisioned a platform that bridges the gap between small businesses and clients. Our aim was to create a space where professionals can freely showcase their skills and businesses, and where clients can easily find verified, trustworthy services. The idea was to simplify the connection process, ensuring both parties can engage confidently and efficiently. At FindVerified, we believe in the power of professional visibility and the impact of a secure, user-friendly environment for business growth and client satisfaction.

Custom Product Development

We love building products for individual businesses and startups. Our custom product development expertise ensures your unique vision becomes a reality. Whether you're a budding startup or an established business, we'll turn your ideas into exceptional digital solutions.

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    London Ontario
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Web development
Web design
Mobile app development


Author: Blue Heron Dental Centre
Having entrusted with our digital presence, we've seen our two dental offices thrive. With two distinct websites featuring customized CMS, we're reaching and serving our communities better than ever. The expertise and dedication displayed throughout the project were truly commendable. Our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team!
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Author: U.Cake bakery
Thanks to, we got the perfect recipe for success! With their custom CMS and full-scale website design, our bakery's online presence has never been this delectable. And the quick turnaround? It's like a fast oven, but for websites!
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Author: Canadian Dream Realty Inc. Brokerage
We've had the privilege of partnering with for over two years, and their consistent support in maintaining and updating our brokerage website has been invaluable. Their commitment to keeping our property listings up-to-date has streamlined our operations and enhanced our client's experience. We couldn't be more pleased with their dedication and the results it has brought to our brokerage.
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